Theek Discovery Lab 5: Getting Started with Science and Technology

Theek Discovery Lab 5: Getting Started with Science and Technology


In the Discovery Lab at Theek 5 Dongen, kids from groups 6 to 8 can get started in science and technology with amazing experiments and interesting research. Are you an ambitious scientist? Then sign up for Discovery Lab. The first Discovery Lab starts on Wednesday, October 19 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Make an animated spinner during this workshop. This is a homemade racing car that is powered by a fan on a battery motor. With this fan, the vehicle moves forward by moving air on four wheels. If you drive a homemade race car, you can decorate it with signs and craft materials. The plastic parts are made from a 3D printer. Race!

About the discovery lab
At Dongen Discovery Lab, we dive together into the interesting world of science and technology. Learn tech experiments, make special things, or do cool research. Every month there is a new topic. For more information about experiments and topics, visit the site.

Are you a researcher, register! Go to for more information about the experiences and to book a place for free. Every month there is a different theme, so feel free to stop by more than once!

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