The word "House of Kurz" may mean the end of the Austrian chancellor

The word “House of Kurz” may mean the end of the Austrian chancellor

Misuse of government funds, influence on the press, and criminalization of app conversations. After police raids on ministries, ÖVP office and Chancellery Wednesday Austria is surprised by an unprecedented political scandal. The remarkable career of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, 35, appears to have been the result of bribery, political planning and abuse of power.

Austrians are already talking about Pete KurtzComparison with Machiavellian Frank Underwood from the American Netflix series house of paper After all, he insists. By opinion polls, Kurz had surrendered first to the leader of his party, and then won the chancellorship. The script for this command was called directly Ballhausplatz . project, to the official residence of the head of the Austrian government.

“short survived Really a lot crises employment the allegationsBut now it will be difficult for him, ”as the German correspondent Wouter Zwart believes.” He and all the clique around him, who call themselves De Familie, are called by name. There seems to be a clear campaign to put Kurts on the shield.”

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Austrian prosecutors happened to encounter messages about the popularity campaign in the app’s chats on the seized phones. The prosecution identifies ten people, including Kurz himself and his closest associates. “Sebastian Kurz was the focus, and all the crimes were in his best interest,” the prosecutor said.

Kurtz was a political prodigy, Hope for the future from the conservative Volks Party, which struggled for the right to find a response to the FPÖ. He is a 24-year-old state minister, and a foreign minister three years later and aspires to become a chancellor in 2017.

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“He had the image of a young, handsome politician, and we also got to know Obama, Trudeau and Macron at the time,” Zwart says. “If not for the propaganda campaign he’s accused of now, he would have survived. You can ask yourself: A boy like that doesn’t need that, right?”

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