The warmest New Year's Eve ever recorded;  We won't ski this winter anymore

The warmest New Year’s Eve ever recorded; We won’t ski this winter anymore

The temperature in De Bilt rose to 14.4 degrees last night, making it the warmest New Year’s Eve officially measured, according to The previous record came for 2017, when the temperature reached 13.7 degrees at the main station.

According to It is milder elsewhere in the country. For example, the temperature does not fall below 14.6 degrees in Westdorp in Zeeland. The old record was set at night in 1901, according to Rhynot van den Buren, a meteorologist at Then it became 8 degrees, last night it was 14 degrees. That’s six degrees more than the old record. It’s mind boggling.

Van den Buren describes it as a “perfect storm of warmth”. Where he and meteorologists predicted the onset of an icy period, mild spring weather suddenly appeared. “I’m still looking north, but it’s coming from the south. We’re currently connected to the Canary Islands and up to Mauritania and the Western Sahara by southwesterly winds. That’s where the air comes straight from.”

It is also getting hot in Europe

Spring weather also appears to be sunny in other parts of Europe. “In the north of Spain and southwest France, the temperature is 23 degrees in the early morning and this air moves at a rapid pace, due to a lot of wind, to Holland. As a result, it cools by about ten degrees and you will be here from 13 to 15 degrees. The meteorologist attributes the current heat To climate change, among other things. It’s partly a coincidence that now that we’re connected to the Western Sahara, you rarely see this kind of pressure distribution on a weather map. It also could have gotten warm in the past, but is now much warmer because of climate change.

“Moderate Wet Winter”

IIn December, it was thought that January and February would be very cold, but that seems to be over now. Van den Buren dares to predict: “We won’t ski anymore this winter.” There will be a few cold days, but the winter will not be cold. It will be a mild winter, which will not be dry, but wet, van den Born says with some disappointment. expects weather records to be broken as well next night and New Year’s Day. At the beginning of the year the temperature is around 11 degrees and the temperature will probably not fall below 10 degrees. On January 1, the maximum temperature will be 14 degrees. The current official day record for January 1 stands at 12.9 degrees.

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