VS overweegt wet die Google en Facebook laat betalen voor nieuws

The United States is seeing signs of the possibility of hacking attacks from Russia

The White House has warned that Russia is preparing for a cyber attack on key infrastructure in the United States.

President Biden says intelligence agencies are looking into Russia’s options for possible cyber attacks. The United States has repeatedly warned of the Russian government’s ability to digitally attack U.S. companies.

The attacks are said to be in retaliation for US sanctions on Russia over its occupation of Ukraine.

Increase in malicious activities

Anne Newberger, deputy national security consultant for cyber and emerging technology, insists on protecting corporate organizations using authentication methods, updates and affiliates. Backing up data and collaborating with federal authorities are important steps.

According to Newberger, the government held secret talks with companies last week based on “precautionary measures” uncovered by US intelligence agencies. However, the US government is not sure whether a definitive cyber attack is imminent. According to Newberger, the United States has seen an increase in malicious activity.

Russia’s hack campaigns

In recent years, cybercriminals associated with Russia have carried out a number of attacks. Consider the ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline in May, which led to gas shortages on the U.S. East Coast.

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