The United States is in the dark with dozens of UFO reports

The United States is in the dark with dozens of UFO reports

With dozens of UFO reports that the U.S. Department of Defense has received since 2004, the company has been plunged into darkness. Since then, a total of 144 reports of UFOs have been documented, but only one report has been more or less destroyed.

Of the 143 obscure statements, there is no denying that some “unidentified flying objects” are of extraterrestrial origin. The U.S. Department of Defense announced this in a long-awaited report. Views ‘probably no explanation’. The Service currently acknowledges that there is insufficient information to “report incidents to specific reports”.

The United States warns of unknown objects. “This is clearly a safety issue for aircraft, which could pose a challenge to US national security,” the statement said. The report also lists some of the previously discovered cases in the Air Force pilots’ video released by the Pentagon. It shows the intrigue of flying intriguing planes from the east and west coasts of the United States at speeds and surpassing known aviation technologies. Moreover, it seems that they do not have an obvious motivational form.

Alien life

When asked by a senior U.S. official if the possible explanation was extraterrestrial life, he said, “This is not aimed at evaluating any search for extraterrestrial life. Of the 144 reports we have to deal with, we have no clear indication that this is not a clear explanation.”

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