The United States has again issued a warning against the occupation of Ukraine

The United States has again issued a warning against the occupation of Ukraine

The US government said on intelligence that the Russians could mobilize 70 percent of the required forces and capture the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in two days. Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens to kill 50,000 civilians.

Russian forces have been concentrating on the Ukrainian border for weeks. At the end of December, according to US intelligence, about 100,000 Russian soldiers were on the border. The supply of military equipment has also increased in recent weeks. Troops are located on the eastern border between Ukraine and Russia, and on the northern border between Ukraine and Belarus. Belarus and Russia are also conducting joint military exercises.

Russia can attack Ukraine at any time

Last weekend there was heavy military air traffic from Russia to the western border of Ukraine. It refers to the distribution of additional players. The U.S. government told the US media this weekend through a senior anonymous official that Russia has now produced 70 percent of the troops needed for the infiltration.

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According to Americans, that test can be fast and bloody. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, could have been captured in two days if Russian President Vladimir Putin had wanted it. The government said the invasion would kill 50,000 civilians and threaten to displace 5 million people.

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Ukraine is not happy with the US invasion warnings

This is not the first time the US government has warned of Russian troops and leaked intelligence. Earlier, US President Joe Biden said he expected Russia to strike anyway.

Through warnings, the United States hopes to save Russia from an invasion. By disclosing this information, the Americans are letting Russia know that they are closely monitoring progress. However, not everyone is happy about this.

According to Ukraine, Americans are mainly sowing unrest. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kiev also rejected a recent investigation into the capture. Dmitry Kuleba wrote on Twitter: “Do not believe the apocalyptic prophecies. Different government leaders have different views, but Ukraine is ready for any event.

Scholz and Macron separately seek a diplomatic solution

Key diplomatic talks are on the agenda this week. German Chancellor Olaf Scholes will meet Joe Biden for the first time on Monday, February 7 at the White House. Their main topic of discussion was the crisis over the implementation of tough sanctions against Russia and the trembling German support.

Germany does not want to cut Russia off from the international tariff system SWIFT if Putin invades Ukraine. It is not clear what Germany will do with the new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in such a situation. Germany is more dependent on Russian gas supplies than any other European country.

The Americans want the Germans not to use Nord Stream 2 in the event of a Russian invasion, but Germany has not yet guaranteed it. Biden believes Sholes will promise now.

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Prior to the conversation with Scholz, Biden also had a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. He will visit Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday and travel to Ukraine a day later to meet with President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Macron believes the crisis can be resolved diplomatically through ‘serious consultation’.

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