The United States has a new political party

Dozens of former Republican and Democratic US politicians announced on Wednesday that they would form a new national political party. They want to target the millions of voters who are sick of America’s two-party system.

Will the new party straight ahead, or “Forward,” and it will be chaired by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and former New Jersey Republican Governor Kristen Todd Whitman. They want to join forces to create a viable alternative to the two parties that almost completely control the country’s political life: the Republicans and the Democrats.

The party leaders immediately have a plan for this: in the coming months they will organize a series of events in more than two dozen American cities, to raise brand awareness for the straight ahead And attract potential voters already. This plan will start on September 24th. After starting rolling, they will host their first national convention next summer.

Merge three organizations

straight ahead It actually originated in 2021, when Yang referred to it as the so-called Political Action Committee (PAC). PACs are pressure groups primarily involved in influencing elections and other political activities. He did this at the time to reduce the increasing political polarization in the United States, as well as to implement political reforms.

But since yesterday, it was announced straight ahead It becomes more than just a PAC. Before that, it is now combined with America service movement, Political organization of both Democrats and former Republicans, and America’s Renewal Movement, A group made up of former Republicans from the Ronald Reagan administrations, both Bush and Donald Trump.

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The new party is now trying to find a middle ground between the two giants on both ends of the political spectrum. straight ahead It has been described as a “radical centrist party” that wants to create a “fair and prosperous economy” and give Americans “more choice in elections and more confidence in a functioning government”.

More will be announced on Thursday about the exact policy you want to implement. Then according to reports from Reuters Say: “How are we going to solve America’s great problems? Not left. Not right. Forward.”

Two-thirds of Americans want a third party

Although not technically the “third” party (there are a few smaller parties like the Green Party and the Liberal Party), the founders of straight ahead However, their organization can compete with the heavyweight political leaders.

And American citizens seem excited about it: According to a Gallup poll last year, two-thirds of Americans believe a third party is needed.

straight ahead He now hopes to register the party, after which it aims to reach elections in 30 states by the end of 2023 and in all 50 states by 2024. This would make it possible to participate in both presidential and congressional elections. It is still not clear who could become the candidate for that.

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