The United States abolishes the right to abortion - Joop

The United States abolishes the right to abortion – Joop

Jaco 38May 3, 2022 – 9:10 pm

It would be possible, I understand your point of view as an advocate of abortion as well, but from a US perspective, it is quite odd for abortion legalization to be federally regulated, and it is a long-running debate about whether this is commensurate with state autonomy. The United States does not repeal anything, but the Supreme Court may rule that abortion laws are no longer regulated at the federal level. Then abortion can only be restricted through democratic means, that is, if the majority of the population in a country wants the restriction. It seems to me that it is unlikely that abortion will ever be outlawed, but rather a restriction. But isn’t this the case in every country, including ours? Here, too, the abortion law was never enforced by a minority, but the result of a shifting view that translates into a vote for some of the political parties that support it. These are equally important principles of a democratic constitutional state. The fact that abortion legislation has been “imposed” on states (as it has been tried) may also have ensured that opinions on this matter have not become more liberal. Ass in the crib, there are theories about this too. If states are allowed to arrange this on their own, it is likely to first lead to a downsizing in certain countries, but it is quite possible that it will lead to expansion, but then with the support of the population. Law enforcement often doesn’t work in the long run

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