The United Nations chief executive wants to end investments in coal-fired power plants

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres wants to end investments in coal-fired power plants in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, funding for coal-fired power plants should be stopped. Guterres said this in a video message at an international financial forum in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

It is reported that South Korea recently decided not to allocate more government funding to coal plants abroad. Guterres said he expected similar commitments from climate ministers in the G7 countries and other countries. He believes it is important to convert support for fossil energy projects into sustainable energy projects. He also called on developed countries to take concrete steps to reduce emissions, with credible climate targets.

China is one of the major consumers of coal, and the country’s fuel use is likely to increase this year. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants the country to reduce the use of coal in power plants from 2026. Coal-fired power plants are still widely used in the United States.

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