The unique Sports De Meierij and BrabantSport fund make sports dreams come true

The unique Sports De Meierij and BrabantSport fund make sports dreams come true

Just like everyone else, people with a disability or condition deserve the opportunity to exercise and exercise. Usually people have an athletic dream, but find it difficult to achieve it. A unique sport with the support of the BrabantSport Fund, De Meierij is now working to realize six sporting dreams in this region.

Sports dreams come true
Sports dreams Len Schlekens (7) of Flegmen, Guenhoevar Spell (26) of S-Hertogenbusch and Monique Thijsen (56) of Vogt, among others, received awards. Michael Chivers, best tennis player and Paralympic medalist, visited all the ladies to give them the good news. Lynn wants to earn a swimming diploma, but with poor eyesight and a fear of water, this is a challenge. Gwen hopes to start his own volleyball team in Den Bosch. Monique wants to swim laps to get her condition back up and running. Dream wishes to have support from BrabantSport.

Michael Chivers knows better than anyone what it’s like to have dreams and set tough goals. He was the best tennis player to play since he was 15 years olde General at the highest level. Move to the winners’ kitchen tables and encourage the prize winners to keep exercising with all the physical limitations that it involves. Michael: “It’s great to hear that Gwen has a career in volleyball sitting in mind despite her MS. Lynne’s mother continues to look for possibilities. Lynn’s Olympic medal status was a great moment. We even played tennis in the living room. Monique gave me heart Crochet.My heart beats faster than all sports dreams.Like everyone else, I give to all people with disabilities or their own sports dreams.

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Unique exercise trainer
In the area, many barriers have been removed to move people. Every municipality has its own sports coach, Uniek Sports, who supports people with disabilities or medical conditions free of charge in finding a suitable sport or form of exercise. This exercise coach can also provide support in arranging finances, sports aid, or a sports buddy. More information about the region’s modified sports offer and exercise coaches can be found at

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