The UK’s bill for divorce from the EU appears to be rising by the billions again | Britain’s exit from the European Union

The bill that the United Kingdom has to pay for secession from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, appears to be higher again. This is shown by a new one appreciation From the UK Treasury.

The bill is now expected to reach £42.5 billion (just under €50 billion). This means that the obligations the UK still has to meet are about £5 billion more than last year.

The calculation includes things like agreed payments to infrastructure projects and developing countries, as well as wages and pensions for EU employees. The UK entered these projects as a member of the European Union and is not going to suddenly get rid of them after Brexit. And so the British pay the bill for these things.

Initially, Boris Johnson’s government assumed a figure of between £35-39bn, but according to a senior official, the bill is now estimated at £42.5bn.

The fact that the bill is now higher is due to higher interest rates and higher inflation numbers. As a result, your pension liabilities are higher. The official stresses that this is a duty over several decades. As a result, the things that now cause a higher estimate can fall again later, so that the bill will fall again.

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