The UK does not want to give two injections, but three injections to the population

The UK does not want to give two injections, but three injections to the population

Not one or two shots of the Corona vaccine, but even three shots. This is what the British government intends for its residents. With such a third vaccination, the population is better protected against the Coronavirus and its mutations. As with the “normal” vaccination, they also maintain a fast pace. As early as September, the first 70 or more people could receive such a “booster vaccine.”

Nadim Al-Zahawi, Minister in Charge of Vaccination Affairs, said this today in The Daily Telegraph. Healthcare personnel and some high-risk patients are also treated first.

Vaccine through a car engine

Al-Zahawi expects that about eight different vaccines will be available from Corona by the fall. In addition, car vaccination centers will soon be opened, where people can be vaccinated in their cars. For example, the minister hopes to convince young people in particular to get vaccinated when it is their turn.

At the end of July, all adults who want to receive at least one dose of the Corona vaccine. In our country, says Hugo de Jong, it was already in early July that 30 million people had been injected in the UK so far, more than half of all adults in the country. Three million people enjoy optimum protection after two injections.

A vaccine deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom

And more vaccination news from Britain: This country and the European Union are close to making a deal on vaccines. This deal should prevent European Union countries from preventing the export of Coronavirus vaccines to Great Britain. That British newspaper reports times Today. The deal was due to close this weekend.

If this deal goes through, the European Union will no longer be able to threaten to ban the export of vaccines from manufacturer Pfizer / BioNTech to Great Britain. In exchange for this promise, Great Britain is abandoning its demand for delivery of AstraZeneca vaccines to be exported from the Netherlands in the long term.

The delivery of vaccines from Great Britain to the European Union is causing a lot of discomfort between London and Brussels. For example, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Dutch pharmaceutical manufacturer should make AstraZeneca vaccines for the British. But according to the European Union, this is not the case.

The European Union also believes that the UK in particular should come across the bridge faster with vaccines and offer more doses. This, among other things, to help offset late deliveries from the manufacturer AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is providing the European Union with far fewer vaccines than agreed months ago.

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The UK does not want to give two injections, but three injections to the population

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