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Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2, Venturebeat journalist Jeff Group says on his Twitch broadcast. Epic Games would have contacted the Finnish playmaker to act as the game’s publisher and Remedy agreed.

Eurogamer describes Group “Talkative but reliable.” Those first epic games Publisher relationship The treatment was already known, and that the studio was working on a “3D title and smaller project”. The studio did not provide further details on the two projects at the time. Over the years, news spread repeatedly that showed Remedy de Intention for some time You should make the sequel come true.

in a control, Remedy’s 2019 action game, many references to Alan Wake are hidden. This was followed by a blog post from Remedy in 2020, in which the studio stated in concrete terms that Alan Wake and Control is in The same fictional universe To sit down.

Alan Wake It is a third-person shooter that borrows many elements from other entertainment, such as Stephen King’s books and the Twin Peaks TV series. If Alan Wake 2 does exist, it would take more than eleven years for the sequel, although there is additional content for 2012. Eurogamer asked Remedy for comment, but has yet to receive a response from her.

The studio is also known as Max Payne playmaker. The franchise is Take-Two’s intellectual property, which makes the prospect of a new game in the franchise or that character appearing in other Remedy games a little more complicated.

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