The Tokyo Olympics will see some great sports under the radar

The Tokyo Olympics will see some great sports under the radar

Sweden’s Albin Lagergren tries to score a goal against Danish goalkeeper Nicklas Landen Jacobsen during the final match of the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship between Denmark and Sweden.
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Handball comes every four years and it’s great and you can get obsessed with it for two weeks and then, at least in America… it pretty much disappears because we’re not good at it and we don’t even get a team at the Olympics.

When we last saw men’s handball, Danish gold medalist Mikel Hansen was named the best player at the Olympics. Since then, Hansen has added his third IIHF World Player of the Year award, and the best player award in the past two World Championships (held every two years), both of which have been won by Denmark.

France, who this year have not won a world championship medal for the first time since 2013, will try to recover from that disappointment by returning to their fourth consecutive gold medal match at the Olympics.

Among the women, France was also the silver medalist at the last Olympics, beating Russia in the final. This year’s World Championships doesn’t end until December, so the defending champion is the Netherlands – the team that finished fourth at the last Olympics by winning the bronze medal against Norway.

The semi-final match between Norway and Russia was the match played at the 2016 Olympics, with the Russians shocking the two Olympic champion defenders in overtime. Norway and Russia are the favorites for the gold medal in Tokyo, with Norway putting most of their essence back into redemption, as with 22-year-old Henni Rystad, who was the best player in the Champions League 4 final, which led to Vipers Kristiansand winning the title. . Along with Olympic top scorer, Nora Mork.

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