The terrorist attacks in Brussels were committed on the "experimental murder" of an elderly person in 2014

The terrorist attacks in Brussels were committed on the “experimental murder” of an elderly person in 2014

Two terrorists who attacked the Brussels metro in 2016 killed an elderly Belgian fifteen months earlier. They did it to get a feel for what it means to kill someone, according to reconstructed Belgian newspaper De Morgen.

The victim is 76-year-old retired Paul Andre Vanderbren from Brussels. He was shot in the street on December 14, 2014 while on his way to a cafe to watch a football match for his favorite club Anderlecht.

At the time, the Belgian police were at a loss. There was no trace of the perpetrators and no motive whatsoever to kill.

Totally random

De Morgen now says the murder was committed by brothers Ibrahim and Khaled Al-Bakrawi, who died in 2016, and would have chosen their victim at random. The brothers had already taken the criminal path before that and had been in prison for the previous years.

Khaled and his brother Ibrahim were released in 2014. Then they started forming an Islamic terrorist cell that carried out the attacks in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in 2016. The two brothers were killed in the attack on the Brussels metro.

“Traffic jams on March 22nd.”

De Morgen concludes that they killed Paul André Vanderbrain in 2014 on the basis of the investigation file and the statements of two terrorists who survived the subsequent attacks.

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