The Taliban warns of the influx of refugees for economic reasons

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki warned while meeting diplomats from the European Union and the United States in Qatar on Tuesday that external pressure could also help undermine security.

– Weakening the Afghan government will not benefit anyone, as its negative consequences will directly affect global security and lead to the emigration of many countries for economic reasons.He said during the meeting.

The Taliban seized power in Kabul in August but is struggling to stabilize the country. The new rulers are under attack from the more radical Islamic State, and the Afghan economy has been hit hard by international sanctions.

Empty safe

The treasury was emptied, the country’s banks ran out of money and civil servants were not paid for several months. Thus, Mottaki’s message during the meeting with Western diplomats was clear:

“We urge the outside world to lift sanctions and allow our banks to operate normally so that aid organizations and the government can pay their workers and receive international support,” he said.

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Both the European Union and the United States have pledged humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, but have assured that the money will not be passed through the new rulers.

The last time the Taliban ruled, Afghanistan was marked by brutal repression of women and other massive human rights abuses, and Western leaders fear a repeat.

European countries also fear that the economic collapse in Afghanistan will lead to an influx of refugees and migrants from the country, as well as from neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

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