"The System Works" or "The Exception": US media on George Floyd's conviction

“The System Works” or “The Exception”: US media on George Floyd’s conviction

After one day Contentment From former agent Derek Chauvin on the death of George Floyd, the jury verdict continues to be the hottest news in the US media. There is a lot of loose analysis of what contentment means.

Liberal left-wing newspaper headlines softened the reactions of activists and black Americans. Right-wing media criticize the Black Lives Matter movement or point the finger at Biden, who he said was “calling for correct judgment” before the result.

There seems to be a consensus on the surface: the condemnation is warranted. But the conclusions drawn from this are completely contradictory. For progressive media, the ruling is an exception to the natural course of the American legal system. The conservative media believes the case shows that the law in America is working well.

The witnesses officers were the deciding factor

The Washington Post, a liberal daily newspaper, welcomes the ruling In a comment “This time the jury was right – unlike many other times when black people died at the hands of the police and no one was held accountable,” he admits.

The decisive factor in the case was the testimony of Chauvin’s colleagues from the Minneapolis Police Department, as the newspaper wrote: “I violated policy and abused his training and badge.”

The conservative tabloid New York Post also believed Chauvin’s conviction was justified. But already in the third sentence of comment It’s aimed at democratic politicians who have to calm things down. The newspaper wrote that Biden should have not interfered with the trial by saying he had prayed for the correct verdict.

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Even worse, according to the newspaper, was the statements of Democrat MP Maxine Waters, who said that the crowds should “seek more confrontation” if Chauvin is acquitted. Their statements confirm that “the national nightmare continues, as Chauvin is likely to resume, claiming that his trial was not fair.”

Here’s how Minneapolis responded to the ruling:

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