The superyacht Putin was spotted off the coast of Estonia with a new name: "Killer Whale" or "Orca" |  Abroad

The superyacht Putin was spotted off the coast of Estonia with a new name: “Killer Whale” or “Orca” | Abroad

It seems that the yacht “Agile”, the second largest luxury yacht of Vladimir Putin, is moving again. The Russian president had already removed the luxury ship from the port of Hamburg seven months ago to protect it from possible sanctions from the West. The luxury yacht was spotted off the coast of Estonia late last month, under a new name: “Killer Whale” or “Orca”.

Putin’s luxury yacht is 81 meters long and has an estimated value of 119 million euros. Named ‘Graceful’ (graceful, graceful, graceful) she was in the port of Hamburg in Germany for maintenance when Putin brought her to safety on February 7 in the Russian outpost of Kaliningrad, which lies between Poland and Lithuania. This was 17 days before the Russians invaded Ukraine, and thus before the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union on Russia and its oligarchy. On June 2, the United States added “agile” Putin and three other yachts to the sanctions list.

Forbes has now obtained the photos taken by Carl Groll, photographer for, on September 25. It shows a huge yacht under the Russian name “kosatka”, which means “killer whale” in English, or orca in Dutch. Forbes compared the pictures of the “Orca” with the “Graceful” and concluded that it was the same yacht. It is not known exactly when the name change occurred. The ship’s transceiver has been turned off since at least August 30, when it was still in Kaliningrad.

The ship “Orca” was seen off the Estonian coast, sailing north to the Baltic Sea, escorted by an armed ship of the Russian Coast Guard. Forbes magazine wrote that Putin’s yacht may have been bound for Saint Petersburg.

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On February 7, the yacht sailed under the name “Agile” through the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg in Germany. © Reuters

Kosatka has a helipad, suites for up to 12 guests, an indoor pool that can be converted into a theater and a ballroom. The ship also has bathroom towel storage cabinets that double as vodka bars, and a suite with a wine cellar that can hold up to 400 bottles. The yacht was delivered in 2014.

In addition to the “Orca”, Putin is associated with at least five other yachts, the most impressive of which is the Scheherazade, 140 meters long and worth more than 500 million euros. The Italian government confiscated Scheherazade while she is docked in the port of Marina di Carrara. The other four yachts will be in Russia.

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