The summary, the live blog, and everything you need to know

The summary, the live blog, and everything you need to know

We’ve had to wait longer than usual, but finally Apple is close to announcing new products. We expect many new announcements during the Apple event in April 2021 today. Just like the previous three events, this is also a pre-recorded presentation, which will be broadcast live today and you can follow it live. This time the action revolves around the new event iPad Pro, But we expect more new announcements and surprises. With this article, you are already in the right place, because here you will find everything you need to know about the Apple event in April 2021. You can find the live blog here, but also later today the summary of the Apple event in April 2021.

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Announcements for Apple’s April 2021 event

Below we’ll keep you posted with announcements throughout the keyword. During the evening you will find the hottest highlights in all product announcements, with clear references to all explanation articles. So keep this page in your bookmarks, because you will not miss any of the ads if you review this page regularly.

Where and when will the Apple event be in April 2021?

from datum van Apple in April 2021 Is today Tuesday 20 April 2021. To be precise 19:00 Netherlands time You can watch the presentation live, including via YouTube. In the presentation, Tim Cook and other Apple celebs take us through the latest products. The presentation is pre-recorded and is coming from Apple Park, the headquarters for an Apple. So don’t expect direct feedback from the audience or false mistakes from the presenters. Everything will follow quickly, as we have already seen in previous similar presentations. If you want to get an idea of ​​our past presentations, read our previous specials. There you can take a look at past presentations again:

You can, of course, do a stretch Live broadcast of an Apple event Keep track of you all an AppleHardware, computer, or television. On the day of the event, you’ll also read all the announcements and other interesting details about this presentation on iCulture, so follow the site closely in the coming days. If you can’t watch the live broadcast yourself, you will also find a video on iCulture at the end of the evening in this article. You can then look at your free time. Do you just want to know the highlights? Then you will also find here also a clear summary of the April 2021 event with the most important highlights. We expect the event to last around an hour.

Apple’s April 2021 event forecast in short

Here are the main predictions for the April event in a nutshell:

  • New iPads: It Might Be iPad Pro 2021 Two sizes.
  • AirTagAdvertisement: Apple’s Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband Tracker to find your personal items.
  • Other new products on the horizon: the new iMac and Apple TV.
  • Software: an advertisement It was released with iOS 14.5 And more

From new iPad Pro We are sure. There have been many rumors about the new models, and the most reliable sources claim that Apple will release them in April. So the announcement during the event appears assured. The AirTagThe yet-to-be-announced Apple Tracker can now be finally announced. Other products that are still in the future are new products CamelAnd the iMacAnd the iPad mini On AirPods.

You can read which of these new products has the greatest chance of actually being advertised in our comprehensive article with Predictions for an Apple event in April 2021.

Get in the mood with backgrounds and countdown timer

As with previous events, we have once again put together a number of beautiful invitation backgrounds for you. There are two variants this time, they both have the Apple logo as you find it on the invitation. The invitation goes well with a pretty background, so if you’re ready for something new, this might be the time.

For enthusiasts, there’s also a new countdown timer widget that counts down to event day. This was created by iCulture House designer Embed a Tweet. You can read the instructions for preparing the tool in our article about the new tool Wallpapers from the April 2021 event.

Poll: What are you looking for the most?

Recently on iCulture we also have a The survey was conducted at the April 2021 event. We asked you which potential ad you are looking for the most. At the time of writing, the Apple TV 2021 tops the list, followed by it AirTag On iMac. Have another product that you can’t wait for? Then vote in our poll.

Read on: What we already know

Finally, we have compiled all of the articles below on the topics Apple might be discussing during the keyword. The things that will undoubtedly be useful are the iPad Pro and the new software features of iOS 14.5. If you missed an article, you will find everything in a clear overview with this list:

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