The stolen Ferrari travels around the world and arrives in London

The stolen Ferrari travels around the world and arrives in London

It took almost thirty years before Gerhard Berger’s red F512 M was traced. After all this time, the London police were able to solve the case within a few days. While the thieves fled within a few minutes and remained unnoticed all this time.
The Ferrari, worth 400,000 euros, was one of the two cars stolen at the time. In addition to his own car, the car of his former French teammate Jean Alesi was also stolen.

Ferrari stolen

The car was stolen in Italy in 1995, during the San Marino Grand Prix at the Imola circuit. While the drivers were in town, thieves stole their racing monsters. They were reported missing but have not been found since. Until January this year, when police in London received a letter from the Italian carmaker. The letter stated that the Ferrari, which was purchased by an American buyer through a British intermediary, was found to be stolen. The car in question turned out to be Gerhard Berger’s Testarossa. An investigation was launched immediately and within four days the police were able to trace the Ferrari. Less luck for Jean Alesi, whose car is still missing.

From one column to another

Berger’s fast car has come a long way over the past 30 years. Police checked records around the world to discover that the Ferrari had been shipped to Japan shortly after the theft in Italy, and then transported to the UK. The next destination turns out to be the United States, but the transport is detected and stopped in time. The investigation is still ongoing, and it is not yet clear whether 64-year-old Gerhard Berger has been informed that his red racing beast has been recovered.

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