The Steenrijk couple make a special gift to a poor family

The Steenrijk couple make a special gift to a poor family

Ilona lives alone in a social rental home with her 9-year-old son Dimano and 5-year-old daughter Mila. The single mother works as a cashier in a supermarket and has a weekly budget of €50. So living in a luxurious villa for a week is a dream come true for a family.

Not only the pool, cinema and jacuzzi are appreciated by Ilona and the children, but also the interior has not gone unnoticed by Ilona. Despite the fact that she does not have this much, she believes that it is very important that her house looks beautiful. Ilona finds everything about the inside very interesting and that is precisely Ruud and Jorg’s specialty. The two men owe their luxurious lifestyle to the profession of interior design.

To cheer up Ilona and her family, the gentlemen decide to give her something special at the end of the episode. “We’ve got something sweet for you. To give you a big boost in the back, we’ll make sure you take an interior design course.” Ilona breaks down in tears and thanks the couple: “Oh great. Really great, thank you.” The gentlemen also know that Ilona is very busy as a single and working mother, but they also thought about this: “We also made sure that there was no problem with how and when to get there. You will succeed. I see how you fought so hard, you will definitely succeed.” Rod and George are happy to see that their gift has touched Ilona so much. “He couldn’t be better off putting her with her.”

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