The Spanish government wants to "unite" and will pardon nine Catalan leaders

The Spanish government wants to “unite” and will pardon nine Catalan leaders

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has pardoned nine Catalan separatists in prison. He announced this during a meeting in Barcelona on relations with the northeastern region of Catalonia.

Sanchez talked about his plans at the famous Liceu Theater in Barcelona. He says he wants to reunite the region and work for a “future for all of Spain”. According to the prime minister, the amnesty is a gesture to find a way out of the Catalan crisis.

“The government prefers to get rid of the problem of imprisoned politicians in order to work on a new relationship with the Catalan state government,” says reporter Rob Zutberg. “But the government wants to prevent a new referendum. The released politicians will not be given new administrative positions, a condition Madrid sets for amnesty,” he added.

‘no solution’

Spanish Supreme Court the convict The nine civil society activists and former members of the Catalan regional government of Carles Puigdemont were sentenced to years in prison for their role in organizing a banned referendum on Catalan independence in 2017. The result was the government used to declare its independence, which judges ruled was seen as high treason.

Consequently, a number of drivers received prison sentences ranging from nine to thirteen years in 2019; The Catalan prime minister at the time fled the country and lives in exile in Belgium. If he returns to Spain, he will be immediately arrested.

At the beginning of this month, Puigdemont I already know You see no solution in amnesty. “This does not solve the political conflict,” Puigdemont said. He is demanding amnesty for himself and all those involved in the 2017 independence bid, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez does not seem to agree so far. He still wants to try the former Catalan leader in Spain.

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long prison terms

In Spain, the case against the Catalans is the most important lawsuit since the return of democracy in 1975. Prosecutors at the trial demanded sentences of up to 25 years against most of the suspects, who are considered the architects of Catalonia in the 2017 referendum.

The separatists are accused of inciting the population by standing “openly and loudly” against court decisions banning the 2017 referendum. In Spain, sedition is punishable by up to twelve years.

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