The singer from The Bachelor thought it was "too intense" to see herself on TV

The singer from The Bachelor thought it was “too intense” to see herself on TV

Oriana, however, does not agree. “I really thought you were beautiful. I also think you had one of the most beautiful encounters with Tony. It was so spontaneous, you broke the ice right away,” encouraged her friend.

Little Thunderstone remembers that meeting well. “After meeting me, he was completely at ease,” she said with a big smile. “He was calmer. Or is it too arrogant to say that?”

Although Oriana praises her competition, not everyone is positive. Especially on Twitter, the 22-year-old had a hard time after the first broadcast. Her voice in particular caused a lot of disbelief on the internet. Diva herself does not see the problem this way: “I read everything, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I’m used to it, of course, and I don’t hear those comments behind my back.”

And since Deva did not fall into her mouth, she decided so Funny way to deal with all the haters. “I’m not going to let anyone Ryan from Schiermonnikoog get a little funny about my voice, then I’ll make the best joke to myself that’s why I named the animal: crack-Teletubbie.”

For now, Diva – and her voice – aren’t going anywhere. Whether the match with Tony actually exists, you can see next Thursday in a new episode of BSC in Videoland. all episodes very comfortable Do you think over here.

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