The shocking truth of Monique: Andre Hazes came home alone after a family vacation

The shocking truth of Monique: Andre Hazes came home alone after a family vacation

After a wonderful stay on the Thai island of Koh Samui, André Hazes arrived with his son André Jr. and his ex-fiancée Monique Westenberg early Monday morning in Schiphol, after an overnight flight from Bangkok, where the three first traveled. When you see the story of the trio’s exit through the VIP exit, it’s noticeable that it’s a bit chilly. Of course, the long journey doesn’t make people feel better, but if the Netherlands is to believe the stories – and we’d better not do that – Andre and Monique should be at their happiest now. Rumors of a romantic reconciliation between the two, even a suggestion about Paradise Island that should have been filmed by the film crew who had also followed them in America before, turned out to be complete nonsense. Not only were all of the recordings of the Videoland documentary long overdue, save for a few details, and there was no film crew whatsoever to Thailand, nor to Orlando where the Hazes family went for vacation earlier this year.

wall sign

On his return to Schiphol, Andre is picked up by his cousins ​​Dagarno and Diego Hovland (Rachel Els’s nieces), and brought back to his home in Midrecht, where he has lived with his mother since his exhaustion. Meanwhile, Monique and Dretje are brought home to Berkle in Rodnerijs by a chauffeur who often works for Andrei. There Father Andrei would continue to visit the apple of his eye two days a week, after which he would always return to Midrecht in the evening; All the time rumors circulated about a rematch with Monique, the singer never slept there. Writing on the wall even though it’s not the wall of Monique’s bedroom…

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Photo: Edwin Smulders

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