The shamanic ceremony was fatal for Alex (25 years old): “The boy was severely abused”

The shamanic ceremony was fatal for Alex (25 years old): “The boy was severely abused”

Shamanic ceremony

The boy decided to join 19 others – including a shaman from South America – in a two-day ceremony at the Benedictine monastery of Santa Bona, in the Italian province of Treviso. The ceremony was organized by the organizers – or music therapists – Andrea Giorgi Zwin and Tatiana Marchetto.

The party was about Putamayo Sun. Part of this involved injecting the venom of the Amazon tree frog. The treatment promises to cleanse the body and rid it of “negative energy.” However, its use can also cause side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and sweating. He also took ayahuasca — a hallucinogenic drink that causes hallucinations and visions.

tragic outcome

For Marangon, the party ended tragically. He was last seen by two other participants on June 30. According to them, at 3 a.m., he ran barefoot through a park next to the monastery. Three hours later, they reported him missing, and three days later, Marangon’s body was found four kilometers from the monastery. The police investigation is currently ongoing and the party organizers are cooperating. They are therefore not considered suspects.

“The boy was severely abused,” the forensic doctor said. He had been hit hard on the left side of his head and had broken ribs. “He had been hit several times, including on the head. A sharp object had been used for this purpose.”

Dreams and desires

Marangon’s mother is inconsolable. “He was a wonderful young man and he enjoyed life. He still had so many dreams and desires.

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