The robot employment company is crossing Friday America

The robot employment company is crossing Friday America

Friday is a Rotterdam startup that helps companies Virtual assistants To work again and again. The so-called ‘digital employees’, for example, may be employed in the help desk, HR or financial management.

You may already be familiar with such virtual assistants from online stores, which are sometimes used as a chat program to guide you through customer first questions, hoping you will find the answer soon. Otherwise, the robot will transform you into a ‘real’ employee.

The company says it wants to focus on the United States because ‘wage costs are relatively high’. ‘The Big Resignation’ – a relatively new trend – led a large group of workers in the United States to change employers or leave their jobs before finding a new job in 2021, “Freud said in a statement.

That ‘big resignation’ refers to the current economic trend where employees are leaving their jobs to start their own business (or have brought in something else to make money). Friday hopes that virtual assistants will make the job more fun for many by allowing them to solve monotonous tasks without interest in any field. Work life balance.

In October 2020, Friday was established as a collaboration between two other AI companies, Numa and Sifix.

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