The resigned British minister who kisses an employee in front of the camera “would have affected” |  abroad

The resigned British minister who kisses an employee in front of the camera “would have affected” | abroad

A married Hancock had to leave the field because leaked camera photos showed him kissing an employee. He did not adhere to the government’s coronavirus guidelines, which recommended that people stay away from people who do not belong to their homes.

weakness point

In addition to this issue, the presence of the camera in the ministerial office has sparked a lot of discussion. Attorney General Robert Buckland told Sky News this week that many colleagues are now questioning whether these devices are in their offices.

The Evening Standard wrote that the camera in Hancock’s office was in fact intended to monitor a glass door and balcony. This could have been a security flaw. But kissing Hancock stopped at another door.

An internal investigation should show whether the camera was accidentally rotated during the refurbishment process or if it was intentional. Sources told the newspaper that the latter scenario is assumed. “We all think Matt Hancock has been framed here.”

Apologies are not enough

Hancock’s department declined to comment substantially. The department confirmed that security measures are being reviewed. The newspaper wrote that the camera images did not go to the police or government employees, but to a private company.

Hancock made another unsuccessful attempt to keep his job. I apologize, but that proved to be insufficient. At least 80 Conservative MPs are said to have pushed for his departure. There was also great discontent among the citizens.

Hancock’s successor probably shouldn’t have to fear such leaks. The new minister, Sajid Javid, said the camera has since been turned off.

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