The oil storage fire has widened, endangering Cuba's energy supply

The oil storage fire has widened, endangering Cuba’s energy supply

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Cuban firefighters are still unable to control a large fire at the oil storage facility. In the city of Matanzas, the fire spread to a third large oil tank last day. The fire portends dire consequences for the entire island.

The fire broke out on Friday evening due to a bolt of lightning. Although firefighters attempted to cool the surrounding tanks this weekend, they were unable to prevent explosions in two other tanks. at least one person was killed and 125 injured; Sixteen firefighters are still missing.

Nearly 5,000 people living near the fire were evacuated due to the toxic smoke emitted. Residents are advised to stay indoors or wear face masks on the street. A huge black plume of smoke can be seen 100 kilometers away in the capital, Havana.

  • France Press agency

    Explosion in the warehouse
  • France Press agency

    Firefighting helicopter fighting fire
  • France Press agency

    Cuban fire brigade gets help from Mexico and Venezuela
  • France Press agency

    Firefighter resting for a while
  • France Press agency

    Locals watching the fire
  • France Press agency

    The plume of smoke can be seen tens of kilometers away

Mexico and Venezuela have sent specialized firefighters to help, and firefighters are using firefighting helicopters and planes to control the fire. However, a fourth tank also threatens to catch fire. Barriers were erected in the sea to prevent oil from floating.


The fire could have a significant impact on the island’s energy supply, which is already at risk. A power station near the fire was shut down due to a lack of cooling water. The government had earlier announced that parts of the island would be temporarily without electricity due to the current production shortage.

If the oil storage fire continues for a long time, it will be difficult to import the fuel that the country needs to generate electricity. Even if the fire is quickly brought under control, it may take a long time before the collector is checked and the damage repaired.

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