The number of pigeons on the pill decreased en masse in Heerlen, by 20 per cent

The number of pigeons on the pill decreased en masse in Heerlen, by 20 per cent

The municipality of Limburg has been bothered by the city’s bathrooms for years. Animals are everywhere, especially on Bongerd and the Promenade. according to The regional newspaper This is why the municipality of Heerlen decided two years ago to “repel courting birds sustainably”.

Special corn kernels

The birds are fed special corn pellets during the mating season, which runs from March to the end of October. The granules contain a contraceptive layer. This method was developed by Vets for City Pigeons from Hasselt, Belgium. The pill has been used before with success in Leuven, Brussels and Kortrijk, among others. There was also interest in Barcelona, ​​\u200b\u200bthanks to the pill, the famous Sagrada Família is pooping much less.

“You can also cage or shoot pigeons. This method is more sustainable, as it is a long-term contraceptive,” says Peter Cola of Vets for City Pigeons. against de Limburger. “Just like the pill in humans, it is also more sustainable than abortion, if I may say it very bluntly.”

Continue feeding

The number of pigeons in central Heerlen is expected to decrease further. “After four or five years, there are usually 60 to 80 percent fewer pigeons,” says Cola. “I think we’ll see a cute character this fall.” The condition is that the municipality continues to feed the pill, but given the success, Heerlin has no intention of stopping.

Heerlen was the first Dutch city in which the control method was used. Recently, pigeons in Groningen could also mate to their heart’s content without consequences.

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