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“While Microsoft is seeing steady growth paying users for their game card, and that’s without any form of exclusivity.”

uh what?? You could say: Microsoft would like to offer Gamepass on all platforms, but don’t count on Halo Infinite becoming part of Playstation Now (or their new service), so there’s definitely some form of exclusivity. What if you like Playstation Now’s interface more than Microsoft’s way of downloading/providing games with Gamepass? You will not be given this choice.

Unless you mean that their games are also for sale separately from Gamepass, but those games are also not for sale in all stores or on all consoles. If there’s one company that has consistently emphasized any form of exclusivity in its trailers at all of its press conferences over the past 10 years, it’s Microsoft. (“XBox Console exclusive”, “exclusive”, etc.)

Also consider buying Bethesda (Starfield not on Playstation) or Activision Blizzard (maybe only 3 COD games on Playstation).

Moreover, I think n3othebest is absolutely correct: you can’t break Steam’s dominance without low prices or exclusives. Steam is really gigantic, and further development of the interface and platform for 20 years as a new party is simply 1-2-3, unless you first start working on it for many years without any turnover. It’s best to do things differently: start with a basic interface, add features slowly, and attract customers in a different way.

I say this as someone who has never used the Epic Games Store and had no plans to, but for another reason.

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