The now-resigned Lise Truss will receive more than 100,000 euros annually

The now-resigned Lise Truss will receive more than 100,000 euros annually

Great discontent arose in the United Kingdom over a benefit that Liz Truss could claim after her premiership. She is entitled to receive £115,000 (€131,000) annually in financial support for former prime ministers. Trade unions and political opponents react angrily, and the British are immoderately annoyed.

Liz Truss left yesterday and you could have said – according to a commercial – “It’s been an amazing 45 days.” However, not everything was so great. Her resignation earned her the title of “the shortest-serving British Prime Minister ever”. And from now on 131,000 euros per year.

Liz Truss Bonus, no food for civil servants

The scheme is now under fire because many Britons are struggling financially due to high inflation. The top man in the civil servants union speaks in a newspaper Watchman Shame on the annual allowance. One in five civil servants must go to a food bank and 35 percent skip meals because they don’t have food. It’s strange that Liz Truss actually gets a reward.”

The UCLA faculty union also wants Truss to waive the benefit. A union executive says millions of people working in the public sector are currently facing difficult times. “Low wages force many thousands of people to skip meals and reduce their energy intake.”

The disputed benefits of former prime ministers

The controversial benefit is called the Public Service Costs Allowance (PDCA) and has been around for decades. The basic idea is that former prime ministers still play an important role in public life, and so also incur costs, such as paying staff. The state contributes to this through the PDCA.

Critics chafe that Truss has only been in power for a few weeks, but that she could benefit from the arrangement for the rest of her life. A spokeswoman for the opposition Liberal Democrats said she should not be allowed lifetime access to the same £115,000 as her predecessors, who were in power for more than two years.

Truss announced her departure this week after coming under fire for her faltering economic policies. news channel Sky News Reports indicate that Truss’s Conservative Party has fallen in the polls. Only 14 percent of voters would vote Conservative. According to a Sky News Consultant, this is a historic low.

Jokes about Liz Truss have been around for a long time. And we participate in this in the Netherlands:

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The British are very upset: the left Liz Truss will now get more than 100,000 euros a year

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