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The fourth major game in the Dragon Age series will be Dreadwolf subtitled. EA and BioWare will announce this on Thursday. The two companies do not share any other information and a release date has not been announced yet.

BioWare Mention Dragon Age: Dreadwolf To Solas, a character from previous titles. this dwarf mage He becomes the opponent in the fourth Dragon Age game. BioWare already hinted at this in 2018, when the company A dire wolf rises teaser During the Game Awards. The developer will also show the upcoming game’s logo on Thursday, but won’t share more details. EA and BioWare say they will come out later this year with more information about the game.

EA and BioWare already announced in 2018 that they were working on a fourth Dragon Age title. However, little new information about the game has been released since then. in 2020 teaser appeared, in which Solace also played a role. In February, BioWare reported that the new Dragon Age title Out of concept and in production

It is unknown when the game will be released, although BioWare writes that the game will not be released this year. Jeff Grob, a journalist and insider for GamesBeat, wrote in February that the game is still “At least eighteen monthsLateness.

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