The new reunion of the Boland brothers seems further away than ever |  gossip

The new reunion of the Boland brothers seems further away than ever | gossip

The Boland brothers recently started arguing again. For example, there has been a dispute about the Falco musical they are working on together, but Ferdi’s participation in AvroTros Dear singers Finally landing. Rob, who is terminally ill, was not asked but would like to participate, he told earlier this month to secretly.

According to Verdi, this story is “not true at all”. He put that in the media a bit the wrong way, a fabricated story. knows what the truth is Show news. The producer says he’s been in talks with AvroTros years ago and has never given Rob a thought. “There was also no doubt that we would be engaged together because my solo talks were years ago. I told him about it, he knew about it. Also his manager.”

Verdi says Rob “just doesn’t want it”. “This is not new. But I would like and hope that he seeks publicity with beautiful projects that he creates himself, that he does things himself and not against the background of other projects with which he has nothing to do with, which he knows the real facts and again requires attention. He does not need that and I am sorry ” .

Judah District

Rob previously set Saturday devotion Even if a reunion doesn’t seem imminent. He talked about the “Judas trick” of his brother. “We have just been ‘reunited’ because of my cancer, after twenty years of bickering over a square centimeter, but it seems to me now is the time to say: Enough is enough.”

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