The new iPad Pro is not compatible with the previous Magic Keyboard – Tablets and Phones – News

What is this bullshit! If you need to replace a few years old iPad Pro if needed, this is not an issue for Apple, but a problem for you as a user. Plus, you don’t throw your iPad Pro into the shredder, rather sell it or give it to someone else, along with the keyboard!

I gave my 7.5-year-old iPad Air a new user with a keyboard / cover. This thing has got itself # 1 in those 7.5 years, and it’s # 2 not only a keyboard but also a cover, something they always need, even if they don’t use the same keyboard.

Hell, my Logitech G910 (mechanical keyboard) was short-lived! Not even 6.5 years …

Now the price is definitely high at 339 €, but for a well-formatted mechanical keyboard, I also spend € 180 + (let’s not even talk about accessories).

Now I’m not going to buy an iPad Pro, I just bought a new iPad Air, but if you buy a new iPad Pro, you just know that you have to buy a new keyboard or it’s so modern that it looks like you already have a lot of money then the price doesn’t matter. ..

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