De MS Rotterdam onderweg naar de Cruise Terminal

The new flagship of the Holland America line arrived in Rotterdam

The new headquarters of the Holland America Line (HAL) arrived in Wilhelminakade, Rotterdam on Thursday morning. The visit attracted a lot of attention, including Keys and Wim Brewer, as the twins, like their father and grandfather, worked for HAL. “It was always an interesting moment,” they told Rigmund.

Not only did they see the ship coming home from nearly three hundred meters on Thursday morning, it was carrying 2660 passengers and more than 900 crew. This ship was not a motor ship (MS) and a steamship (SS), but, like her famous predecessor, it had been anchored at Cadentrect for many years.

MS Rotterdam will be open until 17:00 on Friday afternoon. There’s plenty of time to congratulate the HAL duo Keys and Wim on the ship. “It’s a small family business for us,” they said. They thought it would be a shame for the ship to be Amsterdam’s own port, but it was even more special to see the ship up close.

The new primary was named Rotterdam VII. This is not HAL’s only iconic ship. HAL experts Nico Guns and Martian Hogan list nine: New Amsterdam II (1938-1974) to Rotterdam V (1959-1997) and de Earstay Rotterdam (1873-1883).

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