The Netherlands won three awards for projects at the 2021 European RegioStars Awards

The Netherlands won three awards for projects at the 2021 European RegioStars Awards

The Netherlands won the TREE project to integrate refugees and with the BEGIN project, which reduces the risk of flooding in cities and improves the quality of life. Incidentally, the audience also chose BEGIN as the winner of the European Audience Award by voting for he-she.

The RegioStars Award is an annual award for European excellence, and the Commission aims to show how inspiring local projects supported by the European Union make an important contribution to a green smart economy in the regions.

The Netherlands won in two categories:

1. Europe only
Het TREE (Training for the Integration of Refugees in the European Region) project

TREE facilitates the integration of refugees through a qualification program for social interpreters and a training program specifically designed for professionals working with refugees and migrants.
• Operational programme: Interreg Euroregio
• Country(s): Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
• Total budget: 2108,000 euros

2. A green Europe: green and resilient societies in an urban and rural environment
Het BEGIN Project (Blue Green Infrastructures through Social Innovation)

BEGIN, Finalist RegioStarsAward 2021

BEGIN unites cities, citizens and other stakeholders through the joint experience of “blue and green” infrastructure (BGI) in 10 cities in the European Union, reducing flood risk by up to 30% and improving livelihoods. The project works with state-of-the-art infrastructure such as green lanes and sustainable urban drainage systems to deal with extreme weather events.

BEGIN aims to provide effective climate change adaptation solutions through urban “blue and green” (BGI) infrastructure, to harness the many benefits of BGI through social innovation, and to integrate BGI into urban planning.
• Operational Programme: North Sea Interregional Region
• Country(s): Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany
• Total budget: 8,819,000 euros

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