The Netherlands is an innovation country?  #hoedan |  BNR News Radio

The Netherlands is an innovation country? #hoedan | BNR News Radio

After successful discussions in which construction, water and care were central, it is time to innovate tonight. In other words: the Netherlands is a country of innovation. An interesting idea, but how do we get there and how do we ensure that we still play an important role in innovation within thirty years?

The Netherlands is an innovation country? #How

Statement 1: Courses that are not aligned with the job market

ChristenUnie’s Eppo Bruins called for free art education. PvdA’s Barbara Catman agreed: “Take the teacher shortage, free babes.” GroenLinks noted that study programs should properly inform their students about job opportunities, and criticized the competition between popular study programs.

Proposition 2: Primary scientific researchers should work to find solutions to social problems

The second part of the discussion centered on the question of whether you should continue to stimulate basic research, or whether we should motivate more specifically by using public money for specific goals. It could also be the other way around, says Ibo Bruins: There is unrelated research that would not have been conducted without the business community. GroenLinks’ Niels van den Berg is a bit more skeptical. Public money has even been used in science, boosting the feasibility study. Wouldn’t Unilever have done some research on their own?

Proposal 3: We can only reach the Netherlands, a land of innovation, with knowledge workers from all over the world

The third part of the discussion was about the business climate, and there Sherifa Zemuri of DENK threw the bat into the chicken coop by immediately referring to the “racism” victims of the benefits case, and the fact that racism in the Netherlands has an effect. Real impact on foreign students.

Participate in the discussion:

Dan de Court VVD.

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IBO BruinsCristinoni.

Barbara Kathman, PvdA;

Charifa Zemouri, Think;

Niels van den Berg, GroenLinks;

Paul Van Menen, D66.

They are discussing on the basis of three proposals from Brainport Eindhoven, led by Martin Bowes.

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