Super Mario copes with Italian situations

The Netherlands does not know who worked for us in Afghanistan

The Netherlands wants to bring at least 2,000 Afghan translators. Many of those translators now appear to be in danger as a translator is known to have been killed in Afghanistan. CDA Security Spokesman: Bernard Hummelberg discusses this with Dirk Boswiz. And Warsaw and Brussels are completely opposed. What can the EU do against countries that do not want to follow the rules? About this law and politics professor John Morrison.

The Netherlands does not know who worked for us in Afghanistan

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Taliban militants in the Afghan capital, KabulAlexandra Kovalskaya / TASS

Europa update

The European Commission presented its Arctic strategy this week. This raises the question of what Europe is looking for at the North Pole. ‘According to the EU, a lot,’ explains European correspondent Stephen de Vries. Member states Sweden and Finland are located within the Arctic Circle. The European Union wants to contribute to a peaceful, stable and prosperous Arctic.

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Postma in the United States

Virginia is now actively campaigning for the November term election. Of course, former President Donald Trump also plays a key role in this.

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