The mother who was beaten with a bottle of beer spoke to her 40-year-old daughter about the rotten life

The mother who beat her 40-year-old daughter with a bottle of beer last weekend, talks to her daughter about the corrupt life that she is leading. According to the Suriname Police Corps.

A police investigation showed that on Saturday, March 13th, a serious quarrel arose between the mother and her daughter, after her mother approached the suspect about the corrupt life she was leading. It just wasn’t good with V., so I took a beer bottle and slapped it on the back of her mom’s head.

The 60-year-old woman fell to the ground, after which the daughter picked up a piece of the broken beer bottle and tied it to her mother’s neck. The mother managed to reach safety by crawling in, after which she called the Latour police.

Soon, law enforcement officers arrested the daughter for assault. She confessed to the crime because she was already tired of the situation. The broken beer bottle was also confiscated.

Suspect V. was placed under lock and key after consulting with the Public Prosecution Department Police reports.

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