The most valuable race in America

The most valuable race in America

The Indianapolis 500 is certainly considered internationally to be the most important species on American soil. However, many Americans think differently. According to them, the Daytona 500 is above all else. This is the race that kicks the NASCAR season. This time on Valentine’s Day.

Anyone who loves cutting edge racing can’t ignore NASCAR, especially at Super Speedways. The so-called ‘controller-plate’ races that are close together across the field race via slipstream usually guarantee a great deal of confusion.

In addition, they usually save hard wins on the last lap. Just last year, Ryan Newman had to be taken to hospital when his car was thrown at the gates. The fact that he was not seriously injured proved once again how strong these cars are.

This year, Alex Bowman and William Byrne have two relatively inexperienced drivers in the front row. It says almost nothing, but they can offer a little surprise this year. You can follow the race directly in Geo Sport Racing from 20:30.

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