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A group of depositors got GPU virtualization to work on Nvidia GeForce consumer GPUs. This allows users to use a video card to transfer multiple files Virtual machines To turn around. The feature officially only works on Quadro GPUs and data centers.

This vgpu_unlock mod appeared recently On Reddit, Is also observed Tom’s devices On. Users can find modification and installation instructions at Github. Among other things, users should use a Nvidia GRID Driver Install to run gpu virtualization. This program requires a license, although Nvidia also offers a free 90-day trial. The mod works with various video cards using a Pascal, Turing, or Ampere GPU. A list of supported GPUs can be found at The blade. Mod makers warn that the device has not been extensively tested yet.

Typically, virtualization is only available for Nvidia’s Quadro video cards and GPUs. However, this is a software limitation, since these professional GPUs use the same chips as GeForce consumer video cards.

This limitation works at the driver level, as the creators of the mod explain on GitHub. The driver determines whether the video card supports file virtualization The identifier, Which is unique to each type of PCI device. The mod replaces this identification number for the identifier used by the video card that supports virtualization, causing the GeForce video card to be seen in the driver as a quad GPU or data center.

With GPU virtualization, users can split a video card and use it to control multiple virtual machines. This allows multiple users to use one video card. This is different from Transit function Nvidia recently tested consumer video cards, which allow users to use a GeForce GPU for a single virtual machine.

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