The lowest wind chill ever recorded in the United States

The lowest wind cooling yet measured using the current calculation method (introduced in 2001) in the United States was also on Mount Washington. In 2004, the wind chill reached -74.8 degrees Celsius there.

The lowest wind chill in the Netherlands

By comparison: in the Netherlands, the lowest wind chill this millennium has been measured at Lelystad. There was a wind chill on February 7, 2012 According to KNMI -28.6 ° C.

“The visible temperatures as measured on Mount Washington are life-threatening,” says meteorologist Leander de Wit of Buienradar. “Without protection, you run the risk of your limbs freezing within seconds, and after a few minutes you could begin to die.”

This video from NWS Cleveland shows how severe the weather was on Mount Washington yesterday:

Mount Washington, which is nearly 2,000 meters high, is known for its extreme weather, but it also gets very cold in the lower areas. In Boston, the temperature dropped to -23 degrees, the lowest temperature recorded in the city since 1957, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The wind temperature was below -34 degrees. In New York, the mercury dropped to -16 degrees.


So-called frost earthquakes have been reported in Maine. They form when water in the ground freezes and rocks crack. This leads to a deep rumble and sometimes even earthquake-like shocks.

The NWS warns that the cold will continue today. After that, temperatures will rise rapidly, reaching about 6 degrees tomorrow.

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