The launch of the US moon rocket has been postponed again, this time due to the weather

The launch of the US moon rocket has been postponed again, this time due to the weather

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The US space agency NASA has postponed the launch of the new moon rocket for the third time. the last two times that was Due to technical problems, this time the rocket cannot take off because a tropical storm is expected at the launch site in Florida next week. The missile was scheduled to launch there on Tuesday.

The Artemis space program aims to return Americans to the Moon for the first time in half a century. First launch of space launch systemA rocket with a space capsule still without people on board.

Artemis suffers from adventures. Two launch attempts scheduled for earlier this month were canceled due to a fuel leak and other technical problems.

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NASA is now preparing the 100-foot rocket to return to the hangar. Tomorrow it will be decided whether the missile can remain on the launch pad or actually be brought in.

Bringing up the missile will cause a significant delay. Then a new attempt may not be made until November. If the missile manages to stay out, it is possible again to try to launch it on October 2.

Europe also participates in the American space program Artemis. Solar panels are built for this purpose in the Netherlands:

These solar panels are vital to the first manned moon mission in years

A lunar landing will occur in 2025, during the period of Artemis III. This will be the first time since 1972, when Apollo 17 landed on the moon. Experts are skeptical about whether NASA’s schedule will be met.

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