The Last of Us is coming sooner than you think

The Last of Us is coming sooner than you think

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The Last of Us is coming sooner than you think

One of the Ansar in the last of us, Gabriel Luna, hints that a release of the series isn’t far in the future after all.

Do you know Luna from the movie? Terminator: Dark Fate And the series real detective. We heard back in April that he could play Tommy Miller in the series the last of us from HBO. This is a series based on the award winning Naughty Dog game series.

see you soon

in World the last of us Tommy is a former member of the Fireflies and brother of protagonist Joel. Joel a smuggler must lead Eli across the devastated United States, decades after the Cordyceps virus outbreak to which Eli may be immune.

The series will include ten episodes in its first season and has a budget of millions. Now Luna says the series is coming soon.

“Right now, my primary focus is on The Last of Us,” Luna started. “I’m really looking forward to finishing my season one work, and we’re having a really fun adventure. I look forward to everyone getting a chance to see it. And while I have nothing to say about the planning, I can tell you it’s faster than you think.”

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