The Last Man will be completely unique

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“Y: The Last Man” will be completely unique

Comedian Brian K. Vaughan Y: The last man It is finally photographed. Twenty years after its release in 2002, the series will feature characters with very different gender identities than you might expect based on the comics.

Then Y: The last man Public opinion about gender identity was still very limited. Since then, society has become more familiar with the scale of the spectrum and non-binary people have become more and more recognized for their existence. This also has an impact on the series.

very unique

a series Y: The last man It has to become very unique in the way gender identity is viewed.

“The series will show that there are women who have two X chromosomes and men who have both an X and a Y chromosome, but there are also women who have two Y chromosomes and men who have two X chromosomes,” FX CEO John Landgrave said:

In this series, we explore a post-apocalyptic world where every mammal carrying a Y chromosome is killed except for a homosexual man and his Ampersand monkey. The series follows survivors trying to build a new world and together they seize the opportunity to build something better.

It is not yet known where to watch the series in the Netherlands. In the US, the series premieres on FX on Hulu on September 13.

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