The Izegem Tribes of American football will henceforth be known as Nitro Castle: ‘Making the sport great in the Low Countries’

The Izegem Tribes of American football will henceforth be known as Nitro Castle: ‘Making the sport great in the Low Countries’

The Izegem Tribes, the American football team that plays their home matches in Izegem, has a new name (The Sponsor). From now on, these powerful men and women are called Nitro Castle. New name, new logo, big ambitions. “We want to make the sport known in the Low Countries.” Kasteel Nitro is already playing in the BNL League and will soon play at home against Groningen.

The Izegem of American Football kicks off the BNL season with a new name: Kasteel Nitro’s. The sponsor’s name is Kasteel Nitro, which is the latest innovation of the Vanhonsebrouck family’s Vanhonsebrouck brewery in Izegem. American football is the American sport par excellence. However, in Europe, the sport receives little recognition. Willem Demoenek, chairman of Kasteel Nitro’s, wants to change that. “We do this primarily with the BNL League, which is a mixed competition between Dutch and Belgian clubs. In addition, our new name establishes a link with the states.” For this link, we hear from Xavier Vanhonsebrouck, CEO of Kasteel Brouwerij. “When Willem told me about the BNL League, I suggested he change the name. We export Kasteel Nitro beer to America through our subsidiary Kasteel USA. The American beer consumer is glad to be able to sample Belgian beer culture again, because in the years Belgian beer imports have practically ceased. Last “.

With the brewery as sponsor, Demuynck wants to make American football great in the Low Countries. On social media ( and you will be able to follow the adventures of our American coach Will, who will be coaching our team in the coming weeks. Using videos, stories and reels, American beer fans will tell more about Vanhonsebrouck’s Nitro beer On the other hand, the Belgian sports fan will learn more about American football.”

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Vanhonsebrouck adds: “I am delighted that with Kasteel Nitro beer, we are bringing Belgian beer culture to America on one side, and American sports culture on the other. Who knows, American football might become the new darts.”

Preserving young talent in Belgium

Make American football great in Belgium. This is the Nitro Castle logo and an extension of the BNL League. “Teams that are part of our league have to fulfill certain conditions. For example, the sporting and organizational level is required of each team to make sure the fans get the perfect experience,” explains Demoenek.

“By raising the profile of American football in Belgium and Holland, we also want to keep our youth in our country. There is a lot of talent in our youth teams and they are also noticing that abroad. A lot of players sign with foreign teams because the sport is bigger there. To keep them here, we have to We make sports more attractive,” concludes the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Anyone wishing to attend an American football match is most welcome on Saturday 7 May at Izegem Stadium for the match between Castel Nitros and Dutch Groningen Giants. The match starts at 6 pm.

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