The Italian prime minister himself pays the bill for the defaulted citizens

The Italian prime minister himself pays the bill for the defaulted citizens

internationalAug 20 ’23 15:29Author: ANP

Redneck Italian tourists caused modest riots in their homeland. The group left a restaurant in Albania without paying. The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, thought it was an embarrassing situation and ordered the embassy to rectify it, but according to the Italian media, she was also criticized for it.

Italy, Rome – August 11, 2023: Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks to reporters (

Meloni herself is said to have been on holiday in Albania when she learned of the behavior of her compatriots in Berat. Her company reportedly found the story very comical, but the conservative politician saw it differently. She is said to have had her ambassador run with the declaration: “Go pay the bill for these fools.”


The remarkable incident also garnered attention outside of Italy, but it didn’t just earn Meloni’s esteem in his own country. According to the ANSA news agency, the opposition has criticized that taxpayers’ money is not earmarked for such expenditures. Meloni blasted her critics over the weekend, explaining that she paid her own money. “It wasn’t anything special, I didn’t even report it.”

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Albania is a popular holiday destination for Italians. Camera images of four vacationers who left the restaurant without paying large sums of money went viral on social media, according to the BBC. The group left an unpaid bill of about 80 euros. According to the owner, the Italians were very passionate about the food.

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