The Israeli singer found a question about safety in Malmö “inappropriate” |  RTL Street

The Israeli singer found a question about safety in Malmö “inappropriate” | RTL Street

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Israeli Eurovision singer Eden Golan, 20, found the question she received after the second semi-final about potential safety risks due to her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest “a bit inappropriate”. She said this in an interview with the American platform The Free Press.

Eden was asked during a press conference if she considered whether her participation posed risks and danger to other participants. “It had nothing to do with why we were there,” Eden reflects more than a month and a half later in her first major interview. “Personally, I think the EBU would have done everything they could to make it safe for everyone. Dealing with security: I couldn’t leave the hotel or walk around freely.”

A Polish journalist’s question and Eden’s answer were widely reported by the media last month. Also because the Israeli did not necessarily have to answer the broadcaster’s question. This was a surprise to Joost Klein, who shouted, “Why not?” “I still feel the need to answer that question,” Eden says. “And I still believe that’s the truth.” In Malmö, she also responded that she believed the situation was “safe for everyone.”

Eden said he was not afraid. “I was kind of shocked that people were doing that. But it was their choice, and it was my choice to be there. I used it as my strength. It sparked something inside me and I was like, yeah, scream whatever you want. I think most of them became angrier when they saw that It didn’t bother me at all, and I was focusing on what I had to do, which was to represent my country the best I could.

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