The island of confrontation temptation fully escalates: confidence is damaged

The island of confrontation temptation fully escalates: confidence is damaged

The current season of “Temptation Island: Love or Leave” has been pretty stylish so far. Yes, there were a few swear words here and there, but the physical contact turned out to be limited. Until then, because the first kiss is real! Although not all of them smell of roses and sunsets in the villas…

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Episode 11 of Temptation Island: Love or Leave.

“There’s nothing between us but in Bert’s head we’re already married.”

While Eileen doubts whether Evren is still the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, it’s pretty clear to Donna: Nico belongs in the past and single Jimmy is her future. When everyone goes to bed after a night of partying, the two stay behind and crawl together under the covers. Or something else happened? “I couldn’t stop, I just had to kiss her,” Jamie reveals to the camera the next morning. “I had to hold back for a long time, so he let me have a little kiss, didn’t he?”

In any case, Donna seems satisfied with it, or “proud” as the Belgians say. “Jamie is a good kisser, yeah,” she reports for the camera afterwards. “The kiss was also coming, and it was hard sometimes not to.” Despite the butterflies for Jamie, Donna isn’t yet sure how to proceed: “My feeling is just saying Jimmy, that’s clear. But my mind says I have to finish everything before I give myself to someone new.”

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In the men’s villa, Nico is physically more and more attracted to Lor. “This need comes on automatically when you are interested in someone. Then you don’t take a distance, you come closer and touch each other. It happens automatically and it’s good to touch each other,” he defends. And touch, they definitely do…although there is something else going on with Laure. “You really want to be together so hard, but Donna also stopped you somewhere. That still plays a role for me,” she admits. “This is kind of the last hurdle I have to push myself through.”

But they clearly have no problem with that, because while Donna and Jimmy both leave to their own room, Laure and Nico go a step further and sleep together. Although scorpions remained above the leaves, they strengthened their bonds. “I’m no longer in a relationship with Donna, so I can just do my own thing,” Nico said.

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But it’s not just pink clouds hanging over the villa. Especially with gentlemen, there is a lot of tension between Bert and the bachelor Kim. Burt hopes that they’re more than just friends, but Kim doesn’t see that happening. When you also hear through the media that he has feelings for her, it sets her on fire. “I think Burt lives in his own bubble, because I’ve explained to him so many times that it’s just friendship (…) There’s nothing between us, but in Burt’s head we’re already married,” the camera said before facing Burt and asked for an “honest explanation.”

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When Burt opens his mouth, Kim is completely out and goes strong. “This feeling shouldn’t be here! Don’t even think about it, you idiot!” attack him. “There’s no feeling between us, nothing! Behind my back you have big balls and you feel strong (…) It really hurt my confidence.”

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Temptation Island: Love or Leave It can be seen every Thursday in Videoland. Every Friday, the taste maker from the show tells his story The temptation of love therapy. Watch this video with Noëlle below. You can find all episodes here.

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