The irrepressible Gareth Bale draws for Wales against USA |  2022 FIFA World Cup

The irrepressible Gareth Bale draws for Wales against USA | 2022 FIFA World Cup

  1. 45+3′ – Yellow – Chris Mebham
  2. 40′ – Yellow – Gareth Bale
  3. 36′ – Goal – Timothy Wee (1 – 0)
  4. 13′ – Yellow – Weston McKenney
  5. 11′ – Yellow – Sergino test
  1. 90+10′ – Yellow – Kellin Acosta
  2. 90+5′ – Cont. Joe Morrell’s Ethan Ampadu
  3. 90+3′ – Cont. Harry Wilson by Sorba Thomas
  4. 88′ – Cont. Timothy Wee by Jordan Morris
  5. 82′ – Penalty Goal – Gareth Bale (1 – 1)
  6. 79′ – Cont. Neko Williams by Brennan Johnson
  7. 75′ – Cont. Yunus Musa by Kellin Acosta
  8. 74′ – Cont. Sergino Test by DeAndre Yedlin
  9. 74′ – Cont. Haji Wright’s Josh Sargent
  10. 66′ – Continuation. Weston McKenney by Brendan Aaronson
  11. 51′ – Yellow – Tim Ream

He was invisible for almost the entire season, but Gareth Bale suddenly appeared in Wales. He gave his country a hard point against the United States. With a self-executed penalty kick, he canceled out Vea’s opening goal.

USA – Wales in brief:

  • Key moment: About ten minutes before the end, Gareth Bale was brought down in the USA’s sixteen. Wales were awarded a penalty and Bale converted himself to avoid defeat.
  • Man of the Match: America’s danger came mainly from Christian Pulisic’s footwork. He served Timothy Weah with a superb deep pass to make it 1-0. Teamsterday, like the entire team, fell away a bit in the second half.
  • Notable: For Timothy Weah, the then 17-year-old Pele was the last player to score against Wales at the World Cup. It was 1958. It should be noted how long it has been since the Welshmen were back in the biggest competition.

VRT MAX: Watch the full match between USA and Wales at 1-1

A very great American friend to others

National coach Robert Page pulled the organizational cover with Wales. On the ball, the 5-3-2 was a solid block. On the other hand, America threw the ball in their lap and they often made something of it in the first half. Rodan first beat his own goalkeeper and then attacked the post of Sgt.

A goal was in the air for the USA. Pulisic sent Timothi Vea into the street, who tapped in to make it 1-0. The President of Liberia, Father George Wee, unequivocally approved. Weah was similar to Jeremy Toku in that first half. With his flashes on the side.

What did Wales do before the break? Hardly anything. Bale was languishing on an island front and Page’s troops were creating no chances.

Bale does it again for Wales

That was Robert Page’s signal to throw Kiefer Moore between the lines. Bale got a partner up front and Wales started to trust it a bit more.

In a two-faced contest, Wales suddenly came out on top. They were particularly dangerous in the air, but Davies and Moore couldn’t trouble goalkeeper Turner.

But the balance came anyway. Zimmerman clearly brings down Bale in the box: penalty kick to Wales. Bale converted a difficult eleven meters and thus gave his Wales defeat.

Gareth Bale: When his country needs him, he’s there. In a group that also includes England and Iran, Wales and the United States now have a point.

  1. Conclusion, 22 hours 01. Conclusion. The match is over. America and Wales share the spoils. Wales played well in the second half. With about ten minutes to go, Bale was allowed to avoid defeat for his country with a penalty kick. .
  2. Second half, minute 101 Match over

  3. Yellow card to America’s Kellyn Acosta during the second half, minute 100
  4. Second half, minute 95. Wales substitute Joe Morrell, Ethan Ampadu out
  5. Second half, minute 95. He tries again, but Ampadu has to stop the fight. He is replaced by Morel. .
  6. Second half, minute 93. Play is stopped for a moment as Ampadu lays down after a tackle he launched himself. Looks like he can keep up. .
  7. Second half, minute 93. Wales substitute, Sorba Thomas, Harry Wilson out
  8. Second half, minute 91. 9′ extra time. We play football for a while because we get 9 minutes of extra time. Is the venom still in the tail? .
  9. Second half, minute 89. Moore on fire. Wales could have gone for once after a good tap from Moore who came in well. Johnson can beat goalkeeper Turner, but the angle is too small. So he cannot surprise the goalkeeper. .
  10. Second half, minute 88. This is how we go to the final stage. Will we get another win or will both teams share the cake? .
  11. Second Half, minute 88. United States substitute Jordan Morris, Timothy Weah out.
  12. Second half, minute 84.
  13. Second half, minute 83.
  14. Second half, minute 82. 1-1 with Bale! Of course Bale didn’t let it go. Kicks the penalty kick hard. Red Army is funny. .
  15. Second half, minute 82. Gareth Bale scores from the spot: 1-1.

    Gareth Bale equalized at 1-1

  16. Wales’ Gareth Bale scored after a second-half penalty kick in the 82nd minute. 1, 1.
  17. Second half, minute 80. Penalty to Wales! The ref suddenly points to the spot. Zimmerman arrived too late and dropped Bale in his own box. Wales get an eleven meter. .
  18. Second half, minute 79. Substitution for Wales, Brennan Johnson on, Nego Williams on
  19. Second half, minute 79.
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